Lifecare Homes

Lifecare Homes' vision is to design and build houses for residents of all ages that will meet their current and future needs; homes that are suitable for young children, parents, and grandparents alike. 


Building for your future

Lifecare Homes is a member of the HPA Group that builds residential houses throughout New Zealand. With HPA's 17 years' experience in designing and building, we are well equipped to provide clients with accessible, warm, and comfortable Lifemark certified homes that will meet their needs for years to come. 

Experienced Homeowners

With the majority of residents moving into New Zealand retirement villages being aged 75 and over, it is clear there are people wanting to retain their independence well into their retirement years. However, many are ready to downsize from large family homes to houses more suitable for their current and future lifestyles. We have numerous 2 and 3-bedroom designs that are energy-efficient and low maintenance - but still have room to accommodate visiting family and friends. Lifecare Homes can incorporate features from the outset that will allow you to age in place and avoid expensive retrofitting as your needs change over time. 


Young Families

Lifecare Homes are not only for the older generation, we believe in building family homes that suit the needs of all generations. Many of the features that make a home more accessible and functional for the oldest members of your family are also features that make a home safer for young children. For example, level entry on external doorways increases accessibility and reduces tripping hazards for kids. 

Customised Homes

Through HPA's work in healthcare design we have experience building houses for people with physical limitations or who simply want to make their homes more user-friendly. We understand how minor changes to kitchen and bathroom designs, in particular, can have a significant impact on how residents enjoy their homes. Our experienced design team will work with you determine the features that will enhance your independence in your new home. 


Lifecare Homes uses the Metrapanel construction system to form the "shell" of our houses. As opposed to traditional timber framing and plasterboard, the Metrapanel system uses solid wood panels. These panels are prepared to the desired size specification at the Metrapanel factory and transported to site where they can be erected within two days. 

HPA has enjoyed a relationship with Metrapanel for over 15 years, and in this time has constructed over 150 homes using the system. Advantages of using Metrapanel include decreased build times - which leads to cost savings - durability, and low maintenance. As Metrapanel walls take up less space than timber framing we can add an additional 6% usable floor area to your new home.  Metrapanel is hardwaring and resilient, making it low maintenance - ideal for both family homes and investment properties. 

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