Lifemark Certification

The HPA Group is a Lifemark Accredited Partner

Lifemark is an independent seal awarded to homes that meet design standards aimed to deliver quality, reassurance, and trust to homebuyers, based on Lifemark’s five key principles of adaptability, accessibility, usability, safety, and lifetime value.

Lifemark homes include smart and intelligent design features which meet the needs of people of varying ages and abilities and that avoid barriers which may discriminate against people living in or visiting the home. Lifemark homes are designed to be usable by people over their lifetime without the need for major adaptations in the future.

Lifemark’s key principles align with HPA’s vision to create environments responsive to the needs of the end users. HPA partnered with Lifemark in order to further improve our designs and ensure that we continue to provide safe, accessible, and comfortable homes.

advantages of lifemark certified hpa homes:

  • Accessible homes that are usable for residents' entire families now and in the future
  • Thoughtful designs that help to reduce hazards for all residents
  • Avoid costly retrofitting as homeowners' needs change over time
  • Can add to the resale value of your home